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Sustainable Transition of logistic fleet

Hybridization of existing Light Commercial Vehicles

"We are not replacing the internal combustion engine, we are adding a compact electric motor and a battery to hybridize the vehicle"

Circular Economy in service of Fleet Decarbonation

An economic and ecologic solution for the decarbonation of tomorrow mobilities

Just like the upcycling of clothes, smartphones and household appliances, and at a time of decarbonisation and scarcity of resources, the circular economy and the upcycling of mobility are becoming a societal stake.

Hybridisation Unit of Vectura System = Offer a second life to LCV
Vectura System Definition

Upcycling of logistic Light Commercial Vehicles

« Modernize, optimize and upgrade existing Internal Combustion Engine based vehicles by introducing technological innovations, based on the principles of the circular economy, to reduce the environmental and ecological footprint »



CEO – Président

 – President of FORM/ULTING
– Administrator FFVE (French Classic Car Association) for « Energetic Transition » and member of the FIVA « Legislation Commission »
– Powertrain Engineer specialised in Transmission
– International Project Leader

Sylvain HOUDOU

CMO – Data Analyst

– International Business Development
– Marketing of innovation technologies for the ecological transition #TECHFORGOOD
– Digital & Datas to support transition
– Business management with circular economy model
– Engineering knowledge to understand impacts

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